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What is Your 1st Thanksgiving Memory?

What is Your 1st Thanksgiving Memory?
What is Your 1st Thanksgiving Memory?

Take a trip with me way back in your memories. What is the first Thanksgiving that YOU remember? I’ll give you a second after all for some of you that might have been a VERY long time ago. My first Thanksgiving day memory was not of the feast or incredible deserts, but of the Thanksgiving Day parade. It amazes me to this day that people would give up their holiday to march in a parade. Back to my memory it was Charlotte, North Carolina, Nineteen Seventy Something and I was bundled up from head to toe and mom, dad and I were waiting for the parade to start. Two problems with this equation: 1) It was really cold. No snow or ice, but really cold. You would think North Carolina would have cold winters just because North was in the name, but in Charlotte, I remember mild winters and a decent snow every couple of years. On that Thanksgiving, the wind must have been blowing pretty hard or something. All I know is that I was cold straight through to the bone. 2) We were REALLY early. I was too young to remember if we just left too early, or read the starting time of the parade in the paper wrong. Keep in remind I am really young in this memory so it very well could have been thirty minutes early, as the young ones have a very limited concept of time.

So there we were mom, dad and me, REALLY COLD and REALLY early to what was probably my first and last Thanksgiving Day parade in the flesh. We had parked our car in a parking lot and walked to our spot. I couldn’t tell you if it was the beginning, middle or end of the parade route. I don’t even remember if the walk was that far. Let’s be honest I was probably carried anyway. Cold, cold, cold, and then a police car pulled up. I don’t know if he was working the parade but he could tell that me and my mom were miserably cold. He let us sit in the front seat of his patrol car to warm up before the parade. My dad stayed outside and didn’t seem to mind the cold, but if he had sat in the car he would have had to sit in the backseat. Even at a young age, I knew you NEVER wanted to sit in the back of a police car.

My memories fade from there. I don’t remember if the parade was the type that threw candy and NO not all parades throw candy. I do remember Santa Clause on his sleigh high above his parade float. Waving and smiling, and then like many children of my time it hit me. I better be good, Christmas is coming. Back in the seventy-somethings, department stores held off on transitioning to Christmas till after Thanksgiving and even then for some stores it was a slow process. Some of the magic has been lost through the year with stores and radio stations transitioning to Christmas right after Halloween.

Well, that’s MY First MEMORY of Thanksgiving and what was I thankful back then. I was thankful for my loving mom and dad that took me to what I remember was a pretty cool parade even though it was cold. I was also thankful for that police officer that allowed us to warm up in his cozy car.  So what is YOUR 1st memory of Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy every moment and…


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Living the Real Estate Life,

Thoughts to Ponder (the raft)

Someone, ME, has created yet another real estate blog for real estate agents. My goal here is to create relevant, engaging and useful content for real estate agents of all different types— young, old, brand new, been in the business for years and those that just want to read something that relates to real estate. This is a new endeavor. I did not go to the bookstore and buy a book called “Real Estate Blogging for Dummies”. There is no template or script that I have received from a colleague. I am in the blogging ocean on a raft made out of past transactions, classes, and client interactions. Man, I hope this raft holds.

Sooooo, I’m floating along, nothing but internet ocean in site. The fictitious sun is beating down, somewhat of a Joe Versus the Volcano scene but with no trunks and no Meg Ryan, Darn! As I am writing my raft is getting stronger, larger, more seaworthy. But where will the raft of my imagination take me. I have visions of real estate agents that take time out of their busy schedules to read a short passage I have written or even better they have reached out to me to get my “take” on a situation that they have recently encountered…or even better they have enjoyed steps 1 & 2 and now they want to explore the items of value I have to offer.

My raft is just that right now, but I aspire to create a massive vessel that can take me and my passion for helping real estate agents all over this land. I started this adventure without even knowing it…through my book Jack and Jill Go Up the Home Ownership Hill. Little did I know it would be a checklist for buyers and a beacon for real estate agents. The beginning of how to do real estate differently, better, faster, smarter…just what your clients want, only they didn’t know how to put it into words. From there I started writing and teaching real estate continuing education classes in Texas. I have received positive response and encouragement to keep going; write more classes, we want more. And that is continuing to grow.

The 3rd step has 3 parts, I didn’t plan that, it just happened that way. 3 for 3 if you will. 1) USABLE ITEMS OF VALUE that you can purchase that I have created that you can customize for your business. 2) LIVE THE LIFE, I am guessing you would like 3 options here as well? Ok, let’s go S with that: 1) Living the Real Estate Life Weekly inspiration 2) Personal one on one mentoring 3) On-call availability. 3) Living the Real Estate Life online STORE Other items, you might find that enhance your real estate career. That’s the 3 part of the 3rd step. I would like to know what you would like to see in each. Again, there is NO template so there are NO crazy ideas, just real estate agents that haven’t found what they have been looking for….and that’s where I come in.

Please, don’t waste any time. No idea is too small, no thought too silly. You might just not be alone in what YOU want to help you in your real estate career and now you have someone, THAT’S ME, that is going to figure out—how to MAKE THAT IDEA A REAL ESTATE REALITY.