Yep, it’s Chili IN TEXAS

We will FINALLY have winter weather for Christmas and you guessed it, folks are complaining. Don’t be a Scrooge, enjoy the chili weather. I leaned into it today and split some fire wood and I’m ready to load the outdoor firepit and roast marshmallows. It’s a tad bit windy right now, but hopefully that will level off soon and we all can enjoy a fire outside and those roasted marshmallows. If you are still looking for that Christmas gift that has been escaping you? Your in luck I have some suggestions for you. How about the latest FIRE TV CUBE with Alexa built in? CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT along with the NEW FIRE TV ALEXA VOICE REMOTE PRO CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. These 2 items will keep you entertained when you just want to stay out of that chili weather. One last suggestion and I will wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS. On sale and in stock, at the time of this post, the latest update to the Echo Dot the 5th generation with clock AND it has a temperature sensor so Alexa can tell you the temperature in the room that this device is in. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THIS AWESOME ITEM OUT, I LOVE MINE


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