Helping you to present a consistent message that the buyer(s) will hear loud and clear.

Mission Statement

Provide real estate agents, brokers, builders, developers, their sellers, and potential buyers an out of the box showing experience.

Real estate is an extremely competitive profession.  A profession that adds new professionals constantly and the real industry is always growing and changing. I think we would all agree.  Now more than ever you need to show your VALUE, something that sets you apart from the rest of the competition. 
Let’s talk about adding that VALUE.

So, you want your clients to reach their end goal… leaving the closing table a happy client.  We want to provide you with a service that we believe will help you win more listings, increase top of mind awareness, information, engagement, elicit a positive response and help you to sell your listings in any market.  Let us help you take your in-home marketing to the next level.

We provide everything needed to bring your listing alive converting it from bland and boring to a VOICE GUIDED HOME that every buyer will remember.  We make the process seamless for you and your client.  We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, and you can honestly say that you are a technology trend setter with us as your partner.  We provide the in-home voice activated device, in-home activation sign, a 6” x 24” sign rider, key fob, in-home setup and home specific behind the scenes scripting, programming and so much more.  

Here’s a short video

The time is now to make sure your message is heard, it’s time for a VOICE GUIDED HOME.  The time is now, click the button below to get started.

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