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Complimentary 3 Hours Contracts CE off site In Person Class

Our Organizational Sponsor, Shelley Keller at Stewart Title The Woodlands/Willis has put together an OFF-Site IN-Person class that is OH SOOOO tasty. See details below for more information and I look forward to seeing you there.

Complimentary Texas Legal Update I Kingwood

LEGAL UPDATE I #42039 Pretty straight forward…This class is required for ALL real estate agents wishing to renew their license. Agents in their first two years of real estate will also have to take this course along with current sales agents and brokers that currently hold an active real estate license.  Students will need to download materials prior to class at

Location: First American Title, 4443 Town Center Place, Kingwood, TX 77339

Instructor: Scott Culberson Provider: Living the Real Estate Life #10445

Cost: $15.00, refund policy credit to future class only.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
          Check-in=8:40 am
          Class starts=9:00
          Class ends=1:00 pm

Bring your government issued photo identification, driver’s license, passport

Register and pay for class here:

Please download the manual prior to class.

Email me if you have any questions:

Complimentary Texas Legal Update II

Here is the link to register for class Click here

Here is the link for the class manual, which you should read before class click here

It’s Never too Early to Advertise a Real Estate Education Class

Don’t wait to the last minute to register for this Continuing Education Class–it’s a LIVE in person only CLASS, lunch is provided. Everyone is WELCOME. You can email me for registration information.

Free Class: Making ALEXA work for real estate!!!

Email your RSVP at: Scott@scottculberson Special thanks to our sponsors for making this happen.

Complimentary Texas Legal Update I class

Yep, it’s Chili IN TEXAS

We will FINALLY have winter weather for Christmas and you guessed it, folks are complaining. Don’t be a Scrooge, enjoy the chili weather. I leaned into it today and split some fire wood and I’m ready to load the outdoor firepit and roast marshmallows. It’s a tad bit windy right now, but hopefully that will level off soon and we all can enjoy a fire outside and those roasted marshmallows. If you are still looking for that Christmas gift that has been escaping you? Your in luck I have some suggestions for you. How about the latest FIRE TV CUBE with Alexa built in? CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT along with the NEW FIRE TV ALEXA VOICE REMOTE PRO CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. These 2 items will keep you entertained when you just want to stay out of that chili weather. One last suggestion and I will wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS. On sale and in stock, at the time of this post, the latest update to the Echo Dot the 5th generation with clock AND it has a temperature sensor so Alexa can tell you the temperature in the room that this device is in. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THIS AWESOME ITEM OUT, I LOVE MINE



Halloween got us rolling and we can’t get to Christmas fast enough. That means there will be several sales between now and BLACK FRIDAY that will try to keep the registers ringing. So what does that mean for real estate agents, and potential buyers and sellers…..If you don’t like the results you are getting….it’s time for change.

doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
–Albert Einstein

Sooo for real estate agents maybe it’s time to stretch the net a little wider to try to catch more fish. Maybe it’s time to add some marketing that will REALLY turn some heads. Yes it’s time for you to add VOICE GUIDED HOME to every one of your listings… or let’s just start off by contacting me and asking for a FREE, no obligation, FLYER for your listing presentation. Email me at: Don’t forget to put your contact information in the email. This FLYER will be CUSTOMIZED for YOUR business. The VOICE GUIDED HOME is all about marketing YOU and YOUR awesome listings. What is VOICE GUIDED HOME? I am glad you asked.

Voice Guided Home is the FIRST voice integration marketing Service for REAL ESTATE. Imagine if you will a world where the “for sale” home comes to life and talks to the potential buyers about all the FEATURES AND BENEFITS of their next home. A truly immersive service that will have the potential buyer’s talking about YOUR listing for days and weeks after their visit.
Your listing will be the listing they can’t stop talking about.
Created by Living the Real Estate Life this service provides a listing specific script programmed to highlight the reasons why a buyer would want to call your listing their next HOME. Onsite set up includes all of the the internal marketing voice integration speakers, sign rider, key fob and more.

For buyers and sellers it’s time to look at your goals, are they realistic. What has changed around you. Are homes languishing on the market for what seems like months. You drive by that home every day but has it really been 3 months or is that your brain filling in the gaps? Have that conversation with your real estate agent. Interest rates will go up and eventually they will go down but has anyone talked you you about buying down the rate or refinancing or assuming a loan? These are all good conversations to have with your real estate agent. Information sought is information gained and as you read this, let me be clear I am not advocating an internet deep dive. Have that one to one talk IN PERSON with your real estate professional, reassess your goals and create a viable plan together.

Back to the Holiday season if your looking for a great gift, yes you can get it on, but pleas start by having a look at some of these items FIRST. I do like a good Alexa device and these will be on sale off and on all during the HOLIDAY season. Again, start here and I appreciate your support.

Complimentary Texas Legal Update II class

Email me directly if you would like to attend or would like more information.
Make sure you download the book.