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Mission Statement

Provide real estate agents, their sellers and potential buyers an out of the box showing experience.

This is something we have been working on a while and now it is time to make this available to real estate agents. We put the work in to provide you with the voice of a new era.

Real estate is an extremely competitive profession.  A profession that continues to grow in numbers even during the direst times.  The real estate industry is constantly growing and changing. I think we would all agree.  Now more than ever you need an edge, something that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.  Let’s talk about that.

So you want your clients to reach their end goal… leaving the closing table a happy client.  We want to provide you with a service that we believe will increase top of mind awareness, information, engagement and elicit a positive response.  Let us help you take your in-home marketing to the next level.

We provide everything needed to bring your listing alive converting it from bland and boring to a VOICE GUIDED HOME that every buyer will remember.  We make the process seamless for you and your client.  We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and you can honestly say that you are a technology trend setter with us as your partner.  We provide the in-home voice activated device, an in-home activation sign, a 6” x 24” sign rider, in-home setup and behind the scenes script, programming and so much more.  

So now it’s time to upgrade your listings and make them all VOICE GUIDED HOMES.  Give me a call (281-467-4691) or email me for pricing and other details.

Mother’s Day 2020

Change is inevitable, but I think that we will all agree that the amount of change we have endured in such a small time is unbelievable.  Change is here and some of that change will remain.  One thing that remains unchanged is the love and devotion of your mother.  From nine months in the womb, to birthday parties, graduation and numerous first she is and always be your number one fan.  She is there to help you, to guide you, and grow you into the adult that you should be.  I know that some of us will not get to spend time with our mother today and while that is unfortunate, we love you more now than ever mom, mother, madre.  I hope all the mothers out their have a super, good, awesome MOTHER’S DAY.

Live Life to the Fullest,


How to share your FAST PASS on a Zoom class

In a previous post I go over how to get your Texas REALTORS Fast Pass Photo. This post goes over how to share your Texas REALTORS FAST PASS Photo with your real estate instructor on the zoom platform so that you can receive your continuing education credit. Verifying your identity has long been a real estate requirement in order to receive continuing education and the FAST PASS Photo meets those requirements without pulling out your drivers license.

Now that you HAVE your Fast Pass….

My Fast Pass is in profile mode which shows my photo.

Let’s look at the steps in Sharing your Fast Pass, Photo (jpg file) or Document (pdf file) with your real estate Instructor on the Zoom platform.
1) Enter the Zoom classroom and click on the CHAT icon in the area at the bottom of the screen. (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

IF YOU ARE ON A MOBILE DEVICE you will tap the screen to make the controls appear, click participants, At the bottom of the participants list, click on Chat. Your screen will now expand a chat section

2) Once you click the CHAT icon it will expand the screen opening up a white area to the right.
This is the chat area.
3) TWO STEPS here: 1) CLICK PRIVATE message and your instructors name 2) Click the FOLDER icon to add your Fast Pass (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

4) Find your FAST PASS on your computer. (SEE PHOTO BELOW) You can use a photo(jpg file) or a document(pdf file)

5) That’s it. You have shared your Fast Pass file with your instructor and your chat screen should now look like this (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

Good luck at your Zoom class, I hope this helps you to…



Wednesday, April 30TH
ZOOM-IN/Check-in=8:40 am
Class starts=9:00
Class ends=1:00 pm

Location:  Zoom LIVE online

T.R.E.C. LEGAL UPDATE I #37796 Pretty straight forward…This class is required for ALL real estate agents wishing to renew their license. Agents in their first two years of real estate will also have to take this course along with current sales agents and brokers that that currently hold an active real estate license.  Students will need to download materials prior to class at T.R.E.C required elective class taught by Scott Culberson #4547 an independent instructor for Lloyd Hampton Real Estate Education

Other details:

1)     Registration Link: 
(check the date you)

2) Print your Texas Realtor Fast Pass and prepare to share when you join the zoom class.  Here is an article about how to verify your identity for a Texas real estate continuing education class. 

3) Please download the manual prior to class.

4) Once you have registered and paid you will receive an email with a link to the ZOOM LIVE Online class two days before class and the day of class. We cannot accept same day registrations.

5) Cost: $40.00

6) The maximum number of students the class can hold is 20 so don’t delay.

I look forward to helping you to…

Live The Real Estate Life,


Zoom Broadcast Class

Provider: Lloyd Hampton Real Estate Education #09844

I look forward to seeing you on the monitor soon,

Loading Complete: Time for Class

Loading is complete and it is time to take some LIVE broadcast/online classes using the Zoom platform.  The classes below are part of the H.A.R. Contracts Pro certification. You earn this after completion of 8 classes.  5 required classes and 3 electives, marked below. 

Instructor: Scott Culberson 
Provider: Houston Association of REALTORS #0002
Register for class:

April 13, 2020  9:00am-4:00pm
Class: Working with Clients Part I: 1-4 Family Residential Contracts #38150 (formerly Contracts 201A)
6 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO required course

April 14, 2020  9:00am-4:00pm
Class: Working with Clients Part II: Case Studies Involving Residential Contracts #38151 (formerly Contracts 201B)
6 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO required course

April 15, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm
Class: A Guide to Contract Addenda,Amendments, Disclosures & Notices #38455
3 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO elective course (you need 3)

April 15, 2020 1:00pm-4:00pm
Class: Clear as M.U.D. #38382
3 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO elective course (you need 3)

April 20, 2020 9:00pm-12:00pm
Class: Intermediary-Solving the Mystery #34472
3 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO required course

April 20, 2020 1:00pm-4:00pm
Class: Multiple Offers #36095
3 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO elective course (you need 3)

April 21, 2020 9:00pm-1:00pm
Class: Residential Leases-From the Beginning #38454
3 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO elective course (you need 3)

April 27, 2020 9:00pm-4:00pm
Class: Sealing the Deal Part 1: Contracts for Your New Client #38152 (formerly Contracts 101A)
6 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO required course

April 28, 2020 9:00pm-4:00pm
Class: Sealing the Deal Part 2: Case Studies Involving Residential Contracts #38153 (formerly Contracts 101B)
6 Hours TREC C.E. credit
H.A.R. CONTRACTS PRO required course 

Email me ( me if you have any questions.

I look forward to helping you…

Live the Real Estate Life,



Preparing for broadcast/zoom/online learning can appear very challenging, especially if you are a real estate agent that wants to use their stay at home time to complete their T.R.E.C. required continuing education.  Deep breath in, deep breath out, this post will go over four ways for you to verify your identity with your online instructor so that you can receive T.R.E.C. continuing education credit. 

The T.R.E.C. rule stating that your identity must be verified for continuing education credit has been in place for years and as a matter of fact has been offering broadcast classes for years as well so they created a  tool to help in the identification process. It is easy to use and it is free.


Screenshot of the profile screen on your Fast Pass that you will send through a private chat that will serve as the TREC-required photo identification verification. You can access your Fast Pass profile on at
once you’re logged in to the site.

Your FAST PASS will have YOUR photo and license information
  1. SCAN IN 

If you are taking a broadcast class from the Houston Association of REALTORS ® when you log into the Zoom class you will see a QR code on the screen.  You will open the H.A.R. app on your phone and scan the QR code and you’re not only checked in, but you’ve passed the TREC-required photo identification verification .  One note, your photo must be on your HAR profile in order for this to work so check on this before logging into a H.A.R. class. No charge to scan in using the H.A.R. app. My guess is other associations may have similar procedures in place.


This is my least favorite way to have your identity verified, but sometimes it is the option that the instructor is requesting.  Screenshot a picture of your driver’s license and send through a private chat. That will serve as the TREC-required photo identification verification.. 

  1. ASK

Really that should be the only three ways to verify your identity in order to meet the TREC-required photo identification verification, unless I have missed  some. I personally am a big fan of the FAST PASS, it uses your real estate licensing information and all of this information is already accessible by the public and this verification method can be accepted by any continuing education instructor in Texas easily.  I do like the H.A.R. scan in method, but that only works if you are taking one of their classes. In conclusion ASK how your identity is going to be verified before you go and shell out some money for a class.  

If you have any questions you can email me at

I am here to help you to Live The Real Estate Life,


Time for Out of the Box Real Estate Continuing Education

Monday March 16, 2020

My “IN PERSON” Real Estate Continuing Education classes have been suspended through the end of April 2020. This does not mean that you will not be able to learn with me it only means that we have to…

Thinking outside of the box is my strong suit. So you can expect that I will have a viable solution up and running soon. However, I do not live on another planet, if YOU have an idea about remote, internet based real estate continuing education email me your thoughts: SCOTT@SCOTTCULBERSON.COM

Stay safe and I look forward to helping you to…


Class Update coming soon

These are defiantly odd times that we are living in. I will post an update on what classes have been cancelled, moved or altered once I have a firm handle on what I am doing going forward. I expect this to be Monday, March 16, 2020 in the afternoon. Stay vigilant in keeping your self and loved ones healthy. If I can help you can email me at

My goal remains the same to help you to …


Exciting News for 2020

If you haven’t given my podcast, REAL ESTATE WITH SCOTT CULBERSON, a listen, you can now listen on iheart radio.  I am excited and honored to have my podcast as part of the iheart radio family.

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to my Podcast

Get weekly real estate insight and hear interviews with real estate industry professionals like mortgage lenders, title companies etc.  Real Estate information with you in mind…relevant and current.  Have you ever listened to a podcast and wondered “why don’t they ever talk about the topic I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT?”  Email me your real estate questions to and your topic could be the next podcast.

I hope that you give my podcast a listen and that it helps you to…

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