This page is all about helping you to take your Real Estate Career to the NEXT LEVEL

What are YOU looking for?

3 Ways to Enhance Your Career

Items of Value

Preprinted Items that you can instantly input into your daily real estate interactions with customers or clients. These are the tools I have created over 12 years of real estate.

  1. Client Intake sheet
  2. Yearly Budget Planner
  3. Buyer Packet
  4. New Build Buyer Packet
  5. Listing Extras
  6. Appraisal Packet Checklist

Option A=You customize

Option B=I customize

Live the Life

If you are truly going to LIVE, THE REAL ESTATE LIFE it’s time for some outside help, that’s ME.  Here are the three options I am currently offering:


2) ONE ON ONE MENTORING. Step by step we will review your current real estate business, your goals and work on viable realistic ways to get you there.

3) PHONE A FRIEND If you are anything like me when you have a problem you want to talk to someone not wait on hold or use the google machine. This is a 100% custom option that can be revised as your needs change.


Online Store Sometimes you want to go where you can find shirts, crews and other gear that show you are a real estate agent but DOESN’T overpower the people you meet. Again, created with real estate agents in mind. On top of all that I am always open to listen to your ideas.



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