Even though this form doesn’t self-proclaim, we as real estate brokers and agents in Texas know it as the Consumer Protection notice and the version shown above will go into effect Sept 1.

This is what was added–In section 3= THE REAL ESTATE RECOVERY TRUST ACCOUNT. In section 4 TRUST ACCOUNT. Here is what was removed–In section 3= TWO RECOVERY FUNDS, REAL ESTATE INSPECTOR, In section 4 FUNDS.

While these revisions seem minor, they are intended to further protect the public.

What this means to the Texas real estate agents and brokers is that ALL internet links to the form will NO LONGER WORK ON September 1, 2023. This small change will cause a large ripple to your notices. You will need to re-establish ALL links to your email signature in your main email, and any other email signatures like your association communications, E-signature services signature, pinned notice on social media ETC. The best practice is to use the link from your brokers website for the CONSUMER PROTECTION NOTICE.

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