SANTA is giving Alexa some time off

Your Amazon Alexa device comes with 5 standard wake words to choose from: Alexa, Computer, Echo, Amazon and Ziggy. Ziggy was added earlier this year and comes with a male voice standard. Now, just in time for the holidays you can add your FIRST celebrity wake word free of charge: “HEY SANTA” to get a response from Santa Claus. This is sure to give Alexa some much needed time off, so go to your Alexa app, click on devices, click the device you want to add “HEY SANTA” as a wake word, scroll down to WAKE WORD, scroll down to CELEBRITY WAKE WORD and turn on “HEY SANTA” . You now can ask Santa for the weather, what his favorite color is, and so much more. Try this: “HEY SANTA, MERRY CHRISTMAS.” It’s so festive. Santa will respond to most anything, but if he gets stumped Alexa may step in to help out. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

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