The New One to Four Family Residential Contract (BY THE NUMBERS)

Think outside the box!? There’s a box?

The new form TREC 20-15 is now available for real estate agents in Texas to start using. I have adjusted my offer worksheet to match the new contract and you can find it below, but before we get to that here is some interesting numbers. This revision bring with it 6,388 words, 33,477 characters without spaces, 39,803 characters with spaces and 772 lines. For those keeping score at home that and increase of 399 words, 2,459 characters without spaces, 3,001 characters with spaces and 51 lines. All those increases and we now have 23 paragraphs versus 24 on the old version. That’s right somehow we lost a paragraph and yet we managed to pick up an extra page. This one is easy to explain because the FINAL ACCEPTANCE now has it’s own page, yet somehow the STATUTORY TAX DISTRICTS (6. C. (3)) got split between pages 3 and 4. This section (6. C. (3)) is incredibly important for any seller OR buyer of property located in a STATUTORY TAX DISTRICT, aka M.U.D.. That’s enough for now. Enjoy the Buyer’s offer worksheet. Mandatory use of TREC 20-15 is APRIL 1, 2021.

Helping you to…Live the Real Estate Life, Scott

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