How to share your FAST PASS on a Zoom class

In a previous post I go over how to get your Texas REALTORS Fast Pass Photo. This post goes over how to share your Texas REALTORS FAST PASS Photo with your real estate instructor on the zoom platform so that you can receive your continuing education credit. Verifying your identity has long been a real estate requirement in order to receive continuing education and the FAST PASS Photo meets those requirements without pulling out your drivers license.

Now that you HAVE your Fast Pass….

My Fast Pass is in profile mode which shows my photo.

Let’s look at the steps in Sharing your Fast Pass, Photo (jpg file) or Document (pdf file) with your real estate Instructor on the Zoom platform.
1) Enter the Zoom classroom and click on the CHAT icon in the area at the bottom of the screen. (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

IF YOU ARE ON A MOBILE DEVICE you will tap the screen to make the controls appear, click participants, At the bottom of the participants list, click on Chat. Your screen will now expand a chat section

2) Once you click the CHAT icon it will expand the screen opening up a white area to the right.
This is the chat area.
3) TWO STEPS here: 1) CLICK PRIVATE message and your instructors name 2) Click the FOLDER icon to add your Fast Pass (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

4) Find your FAST PASS on your computer. (SEE PHOTO BELOW) You can use a photo(jpg file) or a document(pdf file)

5) That’s it. You have shared your Fast Pass file with your instructor and your chat screen should now look like this (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

Good luck at your Zoom class, I hope this helps you to…


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