Preparing for broadcast/zoom/online learning can appear very challenging, especially if you are a real estate agent that wants to use their stay at home time to complete their T.R.E.C. required continuing education.  Deep breath in, deep breath out, this post will go over four ways for you to verify your identity with your online instructor so that you can receive T.R.E.C. continuing education credit. 

The T.R.E.C. rule stating that your identity must be verified for continuing education credit has been in place for years and as a matter of fact has been offering broadcast classes for years as well so they created a  tool to help in the identification process. It is easy to use and it is free.


Screenshot of the profile screen on your Fast Pass that you will send through a private chat that will serve as the TREC-required photo identification verification. You can access your Fast Pass profile on at
once you’re logged in to the site.

Your FAST PASS will have YOUR photo and license information
  1. SCAN IN 

If you are taking a broadcast class from the Houston Association of REALTORS ® when you log into the Zoom class you will see a QR code on the screen.  You will open the H.A.R. app on your phone and scan the QR code and you’re not only checked in, but you’ve passed the TREC-required photo identification verification .  One note, your photo must be on your HAR profile in order for this to work so check on this before logging into a H.A.R. class. No charge to scan in using the H.A.R. app. My guess is other associations may have similar procedures in place.


This is my least favorite way to have your identity verified, but sometimes it is the option that the instructor is requesting.  Screenshot a picture of your driver’s license and send through a private chat. That will serve as the TREC-required photo identification verification.. 

  1. ASK

Really that should be the only three ways to verify your identity in order to meet the TREC-required photo identification verification, unless I have missed  some. I personally am a big fan of the FAST PASS, it uses your real estate licensing information and all of this information is already accessible by the public and this verification method can be accepted by any continuing education instructor in Texas easily.  I do like the H.A.R. scan in method, but that only works if you are taking one of their classes. In conclusion ASK how your identity is going to be verified before you go and shell out some money for a class.  

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